Arrivals: Griffon’s 1/8 Scale Ran & Chen Yakumo

Yesterday, a package came! Two of the Yakumo girls are here; Yukari-sama will be arriving shortly. (A copy of Project Diva f is in there as well; that’s my brother’s.)

First up, Ran Yakumo!

The tails are a key point of her design. From the back, she looks really nice. Those tails are heavy!

Unfortunately, there are seam lines that are pretty visible from a side angle.

Fortunately, I have no plans to display her from that angle, and from the front she looks really nice.

Nice desu ne~


Chen is pretty small, so she’s not a figure I would display alone. She looks best with Ran and Yukari.

Ran and Chen look much better together than apart. Especially when you stick Chen on Ran’s base, instead of using Chen’s own base.

Chen has the classic Griffon base that’s OBNOXIOUSLY big. It’s like twice her size. Seriously.

The red of Chen’s dress really stands out against the blue of Ran’s blue…cloth thing. Only problem is that in photos, either you have Chen looking at the camera and Ran staring out into space, or Chen staring downwards and Ran looking at the camera. Decisions, decisions…

Chen photobomb START.

My kitten loved the boxes and the plastic wrap more than the figures though. (He did swat Chen’s bonnet around a few times, I guess.)

Arrivals: Good Smile Company’s Snow Miku 2012


Snow Miku came in the other day! Finally, after 2 months of delays and a lot of defective Snow Miku’s being sent out, she’s arrived at my house. If you’re not familiar with the Snow Miku story, then a quick rundown.

Snow Miku 2012 opened pre-orders in February 2012, and was scheduled for release in July 2012. She was delayed for another month due to an unexplained problem. Then, August rolled around, and she was delayed once again for unexplained reasons. September rolls around, and some people have completely lost interest in her, others have become fed up with the delays and have passed on their pre-orders, etc. Then, the kicker. Good Smile announces there’s defects in a lot of Snow Miku’s, but it’s ‘too late’ to stop the shipment, so they ship anyways, regardless of issues. Needless to say, people weren’t terribly pleased. Japanese user images popped up, and they were not good.


pikcarlos on MFC made this funny little image above.


So. Onto the actual figure. First, the blister packaging. On initial inspection, everything seems okay.

Even taking her out, she still looks great! No broken joints, no terribly noticeable paint errors, and she seems to work just fine. There were a few points that could have been done better though, so we’ll take a look at those.

This is on the top of her head, on the right side of her bangs. There’s a slight paint smudge that’s barely noticeable, right below her headband. Not much of an error, but until I can take a really close look at her, I’m being super picky.

This is a problem I think ‘everyone’ has with their Snow Miku. The gem on her ribbon is supposed to be a crystal, and clear, but instead it’s cloudy. This apparently can be fixed in a ‘do it yourself’ fashion with some plastic polisher or something, but Good Smile will be automatically sending a replacement ribbon later on, with a (hopefully) clear gem.

I didn’t get time to take a really close look at her skirt, but so far, my Snow Miku is looking great! Luck of the draw, I guess.

(I should note that if you’re able to get a WonFes Winter 2012 version of Snow Miku, you should go for it; those early releases don’t have the defects the online order ones do.)

Bonus pictures I found laying around my camera…

Promise I’ll use a different face for photos next time.

Arrivals: Alter’s 1/8 Scale Shizuo Heiwajima

Quick post, need to finish some school work I’ve been procrastinating on…


Alter’s Shizuo Heiwajima came in the mail the other day after being delayed a week. Of course, it was over the August/September borderline, and thus, AmiAmi had to ship Shizuo separately. More shipping costs yay. I took the opportunity to pick up a few cheap prize figures to ship with Shizuo though, which I’ll take pictures of later.


Alter did a perfect job. From all the wrinkles in his clothes to the way that sign post looks ripped out of the ground, Shizuo looks awesome. I do wish he was in a more dynamic pose, but then again, he lines up better with their Izaya in this pose. (and we all know that’s what 60% of the buyers are getting him for, delicious Shizaya durr hurr.)

I’ll have more details later, but really Shizuo is great. If you’re looking for high quality male figures, and you don’t mind delays, Alter’s ALTAiR line is your best bet.

We got a new kitten and dog.


The new kitten is named “Toasty” in honor of another unfortunate cat named “Matches” that we couldn’t adopt a few years ago. He is so cute. Way too cute. He sits on pillows and trots around the house looking so happy~


And the dog, who we named “Rommel” after another dog my family used to have when I was younger. (That’s not heterochromia, it’s just my terrible picture taking skills.) He’s extremely friendly, although he’s been chasing our cats, and he’ll be in a lot of trouble if he hurts one of them…

Both are from the SPCA, and they’re both lovely and so friendly. It’s nice to see them looking so happy when I come home~

Arrivals: AmiAmi August Order

The AmiAmi order for August came in yesterday! I picked it up at the post office, and took it home in my little Camry. I was almost afraid it wasn’t going to fit in through the car door, since the car next to me parked a little too close for me to fully open the door. Somehow, it got home though, and I broke it open yesterday!

The box is huge. I’m pretty sure I could easily fit into this.



Hard to see, but we’ve got 9 different things in here.

Will be putting up separate posts for each later; it’s time for school now.

Refer to this picture’s linked figures for now, I guess.