Comiket 83 and Related Random Proxy Stuff Part 1

It’s a good thing Comiket only comes around twice a year.

ImageThe DVD is there for size comparison. Not a huge box, but fairly heavy. Heavy to the tune of 8900yen shipping. Ouch. EMS got it here quickly and safely.

ImageEverything inside is packed nicely and safely bubble wrapped~  I had to dump the box upside down to get anything out; everything was packed very tightly and nothing was flying around. The tape is even cute “Support Japan” type tape.


Left: Tora no Ana Exclusive paper bag w/ Guillotine Ginza illustration 

Right: “Aria Waha 2” set

Utsura Uraraka is one of my favorite doujin artists for her cute girls and cuter chibi style. This doujin is an older one and isn’t from Comiket 83, but it’s still one of my favorites in this order. *biased towards anything Aria*


Sukusuku Marisa plush!

These things are ridiculously cute and soft, and really I have no idea why I bought it other than the cute/soft factor. Thank you Touhou gods of eternal merchandise. I’m kind of afraid my cat’s going to get a hold of it…

ImageEverything is packaged so perfectly, it was impossible to get this bundle apart without scissors. (ARE THOSE CRUMBS ON THE FLOOR IN MY PICTURE THIS IS AN OUTRAGE)


Left to Right: Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, Tenshi ni Furete yo!, My Soul, Your Beats!

I didn’t know they made music boxes for so many things! The left one is a manual one you turn yourself, while the other two are wind-up boxes. (The K-ON! one doubles as a mirror which is why you see my window blinds) All from Surugaya.

Image(lol rotate function)

Left: “Roomsick Girl’s Escape” CD by Hitorie

Right: Free Tora no Ana card case

Hitorie is wowaka’s doujin music group, where he does composing, vocals, and some guitar. I haven’t gotten a chance to really listen to the album yet (lol 5 page history essay due Tuesday and I haven’t started at all), but one song I really love on the album is “モンタージュガール” (Montage Girl)! The album art is really neat looking as well~


Secret Base ~kimi ga kureta mono~ music box

I completely forgot I ordered this, so it was a nice surprise. Surugaya is really a great place to look for music boxes! All I have to hear is “KIMI TO NATSU NO OWARI” and the feels just start overflowing.


2013 Ib Calendar & Touhou Project clear sticker

I need to find a way to stand this up, but it’s an Ib themed postcard calendar. July’s tanabata image is especially pretty! Also the Touhou sticker went straight on my car. Should have dusted before I did that though…

ImageDoujin doujin doujin. Durarara!!, Ib, Persona 4, DRAMAtical Murder, IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, and Hakuouki here. Also, the “Issho ni Gohan Tabetai” doujin series is the cutest food thing ever.

ImageMore doujin. Touhou, Hakuouki, and a lot of doujin from Utsura Uraraka.

I didn’t realize I already have the “Touhou Waha” doujin on the bottom right corner, but this copy only cost 20yen anyways. Probably time to start keeping track though.

ImageDRAMAtical Murder, Hakuouki, and a lot of Izumi Rei doujin.

Izumi Rei/Idumi Rei is another of my favorite doujin/manga-ka authors~ Most of this stuff is older, from Surugaya, so it came relatively cheaply.

Imagekey visual novel heroines doujin & Hatoful Boyfriend Guidebook

The heroines doujin is from Izumi Rei as well.

…Also I obtained it. A guidebook to the infamous pigeon dating sim game, Hatoful Boyfriend. All the mind screw. All the slammed brakes when I think I might hit a bird in the road. All the feels. All the affirmation that yes, indeed, I do set off all the flags for the shota and the psychopath before I do anything else. This game ended up being so much more than just a silly pigeon game with all its cruel plot twists and story content; I definitely recommend it~

(also holy crap hato moa draws super ikemen)


That was it for this package! A lot of doujin, half of which wasn’t even from Comiket 83 itself.

Okay, now I seriously need to get to my essay. Part 2 will be up when the rest of the stuff comes, in a few weeks hopefully.


Here’s a random figure photo of Aya Kagura as a bonus.

Arrivals: Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Scale Noumi Kudryavka

The October order came in about a week ago.

My cat’s just waiting to get into the box. He loves boxes.

So, for today, it’s 1/8 scale Noumi Kudryvka, from the visual novel turned TV series, “Little Busters!” ! She’s been one of my grails for a while now, and I finally found her for a good price on AmiAmi’s pre-owned section!

Her box is really nice looking, lots of cute pastels and dog paw prints.

She’s way too cute!!! The way her hair fans out behind her and the slightly spread arms… They suit a super cute girl like Noumi!

Those blue eyes spur from her Russian heritage. They’re a really nice blue!

Noumi’s a fairly thin girl, so she’s not real curvy. She still has nice legs though ∩( ・ω・)∩

Her hat connects to her head via a magnet, so it’s removable. I think she’s a lot cuter with it on though ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

There’s not much worry about paint transfer, just a little bit of concern over that purple part on the underside of her hat. Even if it does transfer though, I don’t plan on displaying her without her hat, so it won’t be visible anyways.

Very happy with this purchase~ I found her for 6370 JPY on AmiAmi’s pre-owned section. She’s fairly easy to find, it just takes some searching and stalking of AmiAmi and Mandarake.

わっふ~ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Arrivals: AmiAmi August Order

The AmiAmi order for August came in yesterday! I picked it up at the post office, and took it home in my little Camry. I was almost afraid it wasn’t going to fit in through the car door, since the car next to me parked a little too close for me to fully open the door. Somehow, it got home though, and I broke it open yesterday!

The box is huge. I’m pretty sure I could easily fit into this.



Hard to see, but we’ve got 9 different things in here.

Will be putting up separate posts for each later; it’s time for school now.

Refer to this picture’s linked figures for now, I guess.

Arrivals: Izaya & Mayoi 1/8 Scale…and more stuff.


I went to Anime Jungle in the Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) Mall yesterday and picked up Mayoi Hachikuji 1/8 Scale from Good Smile Company and the Uiharu Kazari prize figure from SEGA!

Mayoi’s box is massive, so I think I saved money on shipping, even though her Mandarake price isn’t too high right now. She looks super cute in that position, it’s like she’s tempting Araragi to mess with her… As for Uiharu, her innertube is really nice, but the paint is pretty messy, and there’s a terrible seam line in her back. I won’t be displaying her from that angle though, so it’s not a huge deal. I think I’ve been spoiled with Alter and Good Smile quality lately…

Also, after going to the local anime convention today, I came home to find a package! Izaya Orihara 1/8 Scale from Alter’s ALTAiR line and Miku Hatsune Append Nendoroid were inside. They were purchased from a fellow “” user. Miku Append looks great, it’s a very mature looking variant of the usual moemoe Miku. Izaya looks spectacularly devious, though I wish they’d picked a more active pose that could be displayed with the 1/8 Scale Shizuo that’s coming out later this month. He looks spot on though, for the pose they selected, and I’m still really happy!

Arrivals: Mayuri Nendoroid and a lot of other stuff.

The mailman showed up at my front door a few minutes ago, and came with 2 packages! These would be my orders from the Shibuya (top box) and Complex Akihabara (bottom box) branches of Mandarake. Still waiting on 1 more from Umeda branch!

Mandarake always packages everything very securely. Lots of bubble wrap and paper fill the spaces within the box. My Shibuya order was small, only the Mayuri Shiina (Steins;Gate) nendoroid and the 桜の雨 CD single from halyosy’s group “absorb”.

Uwah. Sorry for the bad picture. This order is my most expensive so far; totaling 12,280 JPY including the shipping. This would be Alter’s 1/8 scale Uihara Kazari (Railgun), Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale Kirino Kousaka (OreImo), Daioki’s Matome doujin (Touhou), 2 of Utsura Uraraka’s Touhou doujins, and パパンの小部屋’s (lol kanji) “Shoujo Koishi” Touhou doujin.

–I wasn’t aware that Daioki’s “Matome” is a compilation of most/all of their smaller doujinshi published before 2010~ Great surprise, since it’s a huge 146 pages altogether.

–Another interesting note, Kirino Kousaka is sculpted by Hiroshi (Sakurazensen), who also sculpted Rin Natsume, the first scale figure I ever bought. Hiroshi’s also the sculptor on the notorious Ultimate Madoka scale figure that releases in November… I think he’s become my favorite!

Orders: Last Order in Your Life!!!

うつらうららか(Utsura Uraraka) AKA えれっと (Eretto)’s Last Order/Accelerator Comiket 80 set

Image (picture credit to Mandarake)

Ordered this super cute doujin set off Mandarake from a Pixiv favorite of mine, “Eretto”. Also got a bunch of her other works, and can’t wait for them to arrive!

(and I honestly don’t know what the product to the left is in the picture; I think it’s a bag or a towel. Also I think that’s a cutting board in the upper part and DEAR GOD LAST ORDER IS CUTE)