Pre-Orders: Good Smile Company’s Hakase

Imagephoto credit: Mikatan

Oh my god Hakase is cute.

Mikatan’s got the full run down, which includes all the extra faces, Sakamoto, and even the table. Yes, by ordering Hakase, you even get the table. She comes with so many extras, that even if you’re not terribly fond of Hakase, you might order just for the extra faces/props.

She doesn’t go up for pre-order until August 17, so we’ve still got a while before we can put those orders in. But trust me, she’s a definite order for me~

(Especially because I have her buddy Nano coming in the August pre-order~)

Pre-Orders: Alter’s Menma


(photo credit goes to Hobby Search)

First heard about this Menma via Plastikitty.

I loved the base and the way Menma is sitting is really nicely done, but I wanted to wait and see if she grew on me enough to warrant paying 6980JPY + shipping, since I didn’t have an October order at the time.

Needless to say, I have little to no self-restraint when it comes to figures. I thought about it harder, and ordered Max Factory’s Menma the other day, so I decided to take the plunge and order Alter’s Menma as well.

Random Reasons for Purchase:

  • Since the two figures have completely different outfits and both have a splash of red (Alter:umbrella & Max Factory:flower) she’ll look great next to Max Factory Menma.
  • I like Alter Menma’s pose a lot. That slightly bent left leg is wonderful.
  • The inclusion of the red umbrella from the ending theme sequence.
  • dat secret base

To Purchase: AmiAmi / Hobby Search / Hobby Link Japan

Pre-Orders: Max Factory’s Menma

Pre-Orders: Max Factory's Menma

(photo credit goes to Mikatan’s excellent blog)

I passed over this Menma when Mikatan first previewed her, partially because I’m not too fond of most swimsuit clad girls. I’m more into ribbons, dress ruffles, and layered clothing.

Taking a second look at her the other day though, and comparing her to other Menma figures; I felt like Max Factory’s really stood out (along with Alter’s, which I’ll fangirl about tomorrow).

Random Reasons for Purchase:

  • The knees and forehead on Sentinel’s Menma don’t appeal to me.
  • The face on Kotobukiya’s Menma looks weird to me.
  • The light blue nail polish on her toes.
  • The cute innertube, decorated with the sayings from Jinta’s various shirts.