WonFes – Good Smile’s Kanade “Tenshi” Tachibana

WonFes – Good Smile’s Kanade “Tenshi” Tachibana

Also, Good Smile’s “Insane Black Rock Shooter” scale PVC.

Tenshi is looking quite nice! Those wings look extremely full, and the ‘blowing in the wind’ style of her hair is great! She looks much more majestic and detailed than their first one, who looks cartoonish with a unnatural looking lift to her skirt. Hopefully, Mikatan will do a full preview when pre-orders open, so that we can see all angles of her.  Now if only they’d do a scale figure of Yui or (they’ll never do this) TK.


As for Insane Black Rock Shooter, she’s fantastic. I love mid-action poses, where the hair is in mid-flight, and her outfit is unspeakably complex and futuristic looking. The chain is also nicely done, and with Good Smile on the job, I’m not terribly worried about the paint job. I love that cold look in her eyes as well; it’s something I love about the BRS universe. I’ll be waiting for the full preview, but right now, she’s looking like a girl I really want.

Mikatan’s pre-Summer WonFes teasers!

Mikatan’s pre-Summer WonFes teasers!

Random Guessing:
Black Rock Shooter Insane ver. scale figure
Karen Araragi scale figure
Miku’s Project Diva f kimono petit nendoroid
Sena Kashiwazaki (?) scale figure
Akari Akaza nendoroid
holy crap another Miku nendo of some sort