Arrivals: Good Smile Company’s Snow Miku 2012


Snow Miku came in the other day! Finally, after 2 months of delays and a lot of defective Snow Miku’s being sent out, she’s arrived at my house. If you’re not familiar with the Snow Miku story, then a quick rundown.

Snow Miku 2012 opened pre-orders in February 2012, and was scheduled for release in July 2012. She was delayed for another month due to an unexplained problem. Then, August rolled around, and she was delayed once again for unexplained reasons. September rolls around, and some people have completely lost interest in her, others have become fed up with the delays and have passed on their pre-orders, etc. Then, the kicker. Good Smile announces there’s defects in a lot of Snow Miku’s, but it’s ‘too late’ to stop the shipment, so they ship anyways, regardless of issues. Needless to say, people weren’t terribly pleased. Japanese user images popped up, and they were not good.


pikcarlos on MFC made this funny little image above.


So. Onto the actual figure. First, the blister packaging. On initial inspection, everything seems okay.

Even taking her out, she still looks great! No broken joints, no terribly noticeable paint errors, and she seems to work just fine. There were a few points that could have been done better though, so we’ll take a look at those.

This is on the top of her head, on the right side of her bangs. There’s a slight paint smudge that’s barely noticeable, right below her headband. Not much of an error, but until I can take a really close look at her, I’m being super picky.

This is a problem I think ‘everyone’ has with their Snow Miku. The gem on her ribbon is supposed to be a crystal, and clear, but instead it’s cloudy. This apparently can be fixed in a ‘do it yourself’ fashion with some plastic polisher or something, but Good Smile will be automatically sending a replacement ribbon later on, with a (hopefully) clear gem.

I didn’t get time to take a really close look at her skirt, but so far, my Snow Miku is looking great! Luck of the draw, I guess.

(I should note that if you’re able to get a WonFes Winter 2012 version of Snow Miku, you should go for it; those early releases don’t have the defects the online order ones do.)

Bonus pictures I found laying around my camera…

Promise I’ll use a different face for photos next time.

Arrivals: Mayuri Nendoroid and a lot of other stuff.

The mailman showed up at my front door a few minutes ago, and came with 2 packages! These would be my orders from the Shibuya (top box) and Complex Akihabara (bottom box) branches of Mandarake. Still waiting on 1 more from Umeda branch!

Mandarake always packages everything very securely. Lots of bubble wrap and paper fill the spaces within the box. My Shibuya order was small, only the Mayuri Shiina (Steins;Gate) nendoroid and the 桜の雨 CD single from halyosy’s group “absorb”.

Uwah. Sorry for the bad picture. This order is my most expensive so far; totaling 12,280 JPY including the shipping. This would be Alter’s 1/8 scale Uihara Kazari (Railgun), Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale Kirino Kousaka (OreImo), Daioki’s Matome doujin (Touhou), 2 of Utsura Uraraka’s Touhou doujins, and パパンの小部屋’s (lol kanji) “Shoujo Koishi” Touhou doujin.

–I wasn’t aware that Daioki’s “Matome” is a compilation of most/all of their smaller doujinshi published before 2010~ Great surprise, since it’s a huge 146 pages altogether.

–Another interesting note, Kirino Kousaka is sculpted by Hiroshi (Sakurazensen), who also sculpted Rin Natsume, the first scale figure I ever bought. Hiroshi’s also the sculptor on the notorious Ultimate Madoka scale figure that releases in November… I think he’s become my favorite!

Orders: Max Factory’s Miku Append and GSC’s Mayuri Shiina


I put in an order at Mandarake for these two girls. Here’s hoping they’re still in stock! Would be paying only 1200 JPY for Mayuri and 3500 JPY for Miku.

EDIT: Mayuri was still in stock, but unfortunately, Miku was out of stock. Going to wait a bit before trying to place another order. August is already a very pre-order heavy month, and I should probably save…

If Madoka was any normal magical girl show, Homura would have looked like this all the time.

If Madoka was any normal magical girl show, Homura would have looked like this all the time.

I messed around with the faceplates.
Faceplates don’t always fit perfectly, or connect properly between different nendoroids depending on the individual hairstyle.

Generally they do so well enough for pictures from the front though, which allows for all sorts of expressions!
*note that I’m not talking about the entire headpiece, which in my experience, is always interchangeable.

Kuroneko and Kyouko switched.
Cheerful Miku and Homura switched.